My Boys

Hayden and CJ playing in Barton Springs.
Hayden and CJ playing in Barton Springs.

Nothing is more precious to me in this world than my two sons.  CJ is 4 and Hayden is 2 and without getting too mushy on the internet, they are MY BOYS, I love them more than anything and they make me a proud Dad. This page will be a space where I can give quick updates on their playing and post pics.

CJ playing the Roland TD-9SX

While getting stationed all over the country I hauled along with us a Roland TD-9SX.  When I say this thing was sweet, I mean it.   I also had a Simmons DA50 amp that really kicked when cranked up but for the most part just annoyed my neighbors.  What made the Roland an amazing playing experience were the mesh heads.  They really provided great bounce and attack.  The module was very responsive in registering every little note and the portability was a big plus as well.  Having the ability to play with so many different sounds and kit setups was refreshing for my creativity as a player.  I don’t have the kit anymore on a count of having sold it awhile back to save up some money.. (Life happens).  This kit was 5 stars for me and I cannot wait for the day when I will own a newer model.

I loved the Roland so much that I think I will just keep it going.  Off a list of the top 8 electronic drum sets of 2015 I noticed that there were a lot of new contenders.  For me I just think Roland is the way to go.  Tell me what you all think after you read the article (link below).

The Roland TD-30KV, #8 on this list, is SICK!  They are all pretty impressive but tell me what ya’ll think? Read the Article :: 8 Best ‘Lectronic Kits of ’15