A Drummer Needs a Practice Studio | Waveform Austin

This is an attempt to connect with other Drummers out there that struggle to find the zen like concentration necessary to practice their craft.  When it comes to practicing the drums it’s hard to find the time and space needed to concentrate.  With an organized schedule of shared duties picking up kids, going to class and work, the time I have to play is savored.  My drum kit is located in the garage so after finding a great groove and sticking with it for a few measures I have a 4 year old that comes up needing help tying his shoe so he can continue chasing his brother in the driveway.  Of course, I wouldn’t trade these so called distractions for the world.  Nevertheless, it is hard to fully commit myself to practicing sometimes.  In an attempt to cheer me up (and save her eardrums) Hayley found an amazing rentable rehearsal space for musicians here in Austin.  WaveFormAustin is a savior.  Not only is it inexpensive, coming in at $9 for an hour in the drum room, but it is also well maintained and clean.  I have my first booked session tomorrow and I can’t wait to get some alone time with the kit.  I will definitely let you guys know how it goes and will post a video of a couple new beats I plan to try out.  Check out WaveFormAustin’s website for more information.

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Source: Dedicated Drummer’s Practice Studio | Waveform Austin

Until next time… Keep music alive and keep dreaming!




1 thought on “A Drummer Needs a Practice Studio | Waveform Austin

  1. I recently came across your website. As explored, I was so impressed by your story. My comment is short and to the point. Chive on my son….. Drive on and never quit!!! Couldn’t be more proud!!!

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